Posted on January - 01 - 2011

The Basics of Audio Production Software

The basic features on audio production software are recording, editing and mixing. How involved and sophisticated these types of software are vary. It is possible to find home audio production software that delivers high quality results, but these will likely be inferior to that of professional recording studios.  Given a good set of audio production software the results that you achieve will likely be very good.
One of the simplest types of audio production software available is that used for burning CD’s.  This software allows you to write audio to a CD so that it can be preserved on it.  This type of software has become so commonplace that it is often included free with new computers.
A newer facility available is pre-programmable audio production software which allows for parts of the audio recording to be pre-programmed.
Another higher level from this is multichannel and single channel recording software. Single channel software is restricted to the recording of just the audio channel. It is often used for the purposes of recording pre-programmed single channel audio like dictation. In contrast, multichannel recording is designed for audio that requires multiple channels to be heard properly. This can go up to several different channels.  Systems of this nature will often be used to copy prerecorded complex audio signals.

Posted on January - 01 - 2011

audio production software applications

Even if you’re a music novice or amateur, you want to know how you can record yourself easily. You don’t need a recording studio! All you have to do is find the audio production software for you and your computer. But where do you start? This is where this handy article comes in. You will get all the information on the most used audio production software. You will get complete information on how the software works and what system it’s compatible with.

Pro Tools is known as the high end audio production software. Using this software comes with a fee. So if you’re willing to dish out some money on the latest and greatest software, then this is for you. Most recording studios recommend Pro Tools as their choice for audio production software. So if you want to get Pro Tools in your home, you’re going to need the Digidesign interface. If you do a lot of audio work, and want that that professional touch, then you must get Pro Tools. You will be happy with the results you get.
On the other hand, Logic Pro is for the Mac User. In just minutes, you can set up your audio production software. Plus, you don’t need to run an interface like with Pro Tools. Feel free to use any sound card you want. There are no other generics when using Logic Pro. If you play Garage Band, you can take your music to a whole new level.
If you’re more of a DJ, then you might love Ableton Live. It has a great interface, that’s easy to use and navigate around. You can also use it as a live recording studio and midi sequencing app, if you choose. This is one of the most innovative and fun audio production software on the market. Of course, DJs are not the only one to use Ableton Live. A lot of singers/songwriters and Indie bands have gotten their start with this recording software.
Of course, there are a few free ones to choose from. Audacity is a great starting program for the beginner. Ardour is a complete audio recording and mix package. It offers unlimited audio tracks and editing. You can mix, edit, and record as much as you want. This audio production software is a lot of fun to use.
As you can see, there’s audio production software for everyone. The beginner can start out with freeware, and the novice will benefit more out of the high-end software. There is a lot to consider, so choose wisely. If you can, try a trial version of each one. Then you can figure out which one you would like to have. Soon, you’ll be able to create and mix your own sounds. All of your friends will be jealous!