Posted on January - 01 - 2011

The Basics of Audio Production Software

The basic features on audio production software are recording, editing and mixing. How involved and sophisticated these types of software are vary. It is possible to find home audio production software that delivers high quality results, but these will likely be inferior to that of professional recording studios.  Given a good set of audio production software the results that you achieve will likely be very good.
One of the simplest types of audio production software available is that used for burning CD’s.  This software allows you to write audio to a CD so that it can be preserved on it.  This type of software has become so commonplace that it is often included free with new computers.
A newer facility available is pre-programmable audio production software which allows for parts of the audio recording to be pre-programmed.
Another higher level from this is multichannel and single channel recording software. Single channel software is restricted to the recording of just the audio channel. It is often used for the purposes of recording pre-programmed single channel audio like dictation. In contrast, multichannel recording is designed for audio that requires multiple channels to be heard properly. This can go up to several different channels.  Systems of this nature will often be used to copy prerecorded complex audio signals.